15 Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas That’ll Add Extra Value to the Home

Curb appeal and landscaping can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value. It’s one improvement that can add value instantly. A good design could add up to 20 percent to your home’s market value.

Are you expecting to sell your home anytime soon? Want to get extra value out of it? If so, then make a great first impression with some of these front yard curb appeal ideas!

1.  Add Some Light

You can add a lot of curb appeal by making your house stand out from the street with additional lighting. This can be a new sconce by your front door, new landscape lighting, path lights, or a lamp post. Light also makes your home feel warm and inviting, and the cost to add new light is pretty minimal.

2. Update House Numbers

Add a little modern look to your home with new house numbers. Try the new trendy wood or metallic numbers. Make sure you get ones that are easy to read from the street.

3. Make Your Door Pop

The front door can really make your house stand out and make a lasting first impression. Try making your door stand out by picking a new complimentary, bright color to draw attention. 

You can also update the existing hardware on your door to update the look. Make sure you choose a color that contrasts with your door’s color. For example, choose black hardware for a white door or brass for a black door. 

If your door is damaged or low-quality, it may be time to install a new door. Look for a door with molding or windows that can really update the front of your home.

4. Use Outdoor Furniture Carefully

If you have too much outdoor furniture, it can really clutter the appearance of your home. The opposite is the same—not enough furniture can make your home look neglected. Make sure your furniture is in good condition and clean. 

You can make the furniture pop with bright pillows. Try adding some planters on the tables for an additional pop of color. 

5. Keep Up with Your Yard

Maintaining your lawn is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. This is why it is important to mow your grass, keep up with weeds, and rake the leaves. Try watering during the summer to avoid grass burnout. 

6. Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Garage doors are large, so they can easily impact the entire look of your home. You can give your garage door an inexpensive makeover to make it pop. Try adding a pergola, hanging plants, window trimmings, or a coat of fresh paint. 

You can also update light fixtures around the doors to modernize the look of the garage area. If your garage door is in bad shape, you may want to consider replacing it to modernize and improve the appeal of your home.

7. Spruce Up Your Mailbox

Your mailbox should be in top condition. When someone walks up to your home, they see your mailbox along with the front door, garage, and lawn. You can cover it with a fresh coat of paint or even decorate it to complement your home.

8. Redo and Maintain Flower Beds

Check your landscape beds and remove any weeds. Add some low maintenance plants that don’t need much attention. For some added color, plant some perennials or annuals for consistent color and appeal.

9. Keep Eyesores Hidden

Try hiding unappealing items like garbages bins, wires, or air conditioning units. You can camouflage these items easily with a few strategic fencing ideas or painting to make it match your siding. If you have an electrical box on the front of your home, you can hide it easily by painting it a more concealing color.

10. Update Your Home’s Exterior Finish

To get maximum curb appeal, you should make sure the siding, paint, or masonry is in top shape. You can add some stone veneers to update the look. This is an investment, but the increased curb appeal could make your home’s resale value higher.

11. Add Some Accessories to Your Front Door 

You don’t just need a wreath at Christmas. You can find wreaths for any time of the year. Look for something simple and not too seasonal to make the wreath look out of place. 

12. Power Wash It

You should power wash the dirt and grime build-up over the years on your porch, walkway, driveway, and siding. You can rent a power washer from any big hardware store if you don’t own one.

Be careful around windows and door casings. Also, check the power setting because you don’t want it too high.

Don’t forget your windows. You should also wash your windows after you are done power washing to remove any buildup or residue. 

13.  Add Potted Plants

If you can’t afford larger landscape projects, try adding some simple potted plants to your front steps and on each side of your door—embrace symmetry. These colorful flowers and touch of green will grab the potential buyer’s eyes. 

14. Fix Little Issues

It’s important to take note of any small repairs such as burned-out bulbs, chipped paint, or ripped screens. These little issues can take away from your home’s curb appeal, and you want to do anything to make your home sell quicker. Take a day to walk around your home’s exterior and note any of these items that need a quick fix and repair them when you have the right tools.

15. Create a Well-Defined Path

Having a well- defined path can make your home look finished and welcoming. If you don’t have a walkway, you can make one from brick or stone. Add visual cues like lighting or plants to line the path to any existing concrete walkway.

Add Some Front Yard Curb Appeal

You can easily update the look of your home and make it more attractive to buyers by completing these front yard curb appeal ideas. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so you want your home to look its best. 

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