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Schumacher Place

Schumacher Place is a thriving urban neighborhood and one of the best kept secrets in Columbus. Numerous homes are being renovated, and condos and apartments are being built everywhere you look. It’s been on an upswing the past few years, due, in part, to its proximity to ever-expanding Nationwide Children’s Hospital. East of prestigious German Village, Schumacher Place has the same wonderful German flavor and feel.

The neighborhood has been a designated area of Columbus’ near south side since 1983. It was named for one of the neighborhood’s oldest families, the Schumachers. In 1888, Max Schumacher opened and owned a dairy near his home at 343 Sycamore Street. His barn stood where the Sycamore Condominiums now stand.

This is a neighborhood of diversity with a wide variety of people and housing choices inside its boundaries. Today, it consists of over 700 homes. The oldest section, found north of Sycamore Street, is characterized by closely-set brick homes with small yards. South of Sycamore, the houses are predominantly wood-framed and were built between 1900-1925.

Commune vegan restaurant in Schumacher Place
Commune Restaurant

Numerous restaurants have popped up in recent years along Parsons Avenue, the eastern border of Schumacher Place. Premier among them is Commune, one of the mostly highly-regarded vegan restaurants in the city. On the same block there’s Parsons North Brewing Company and Jimmyluka’s Bar & Deli. Other well-known eateries in the area include Plank’s Cafe & Pizzaria, Skillet and The Thurman Café.

Also hidden away in the neighborhood is the Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum, where collectors Steve Wagner and Mark Hagans store their classic cars, not to mention vintage gas pumps, service-station signs, scores of old license plates and other neatly arranged auto memorabilia.